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  • Oumaima , 25
    Tunis, Tunisia
  • Deepa Mani, 27
    Mumbai, India
  • Dani, 26
    Las Vegas, USA
  • Isabel, 22
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • José, 34
    Texas, USA
  • Mariem , 23
    Tunis, Tunisia


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Nadia, Tangier

When I use  I feel good and hoping. It is place where I dream of meeting my beloved and feel the glow of his care and attention. Everything is as it should be. It fits with my life. I advise others to try.

Idris, Detroit is a great site for something serious or even just to start searching. It has the matches I really wanted and lets me date without unwelcome attention and wasted time. Thumbs up from me!

Jamila, Hammamet

On I have the room to breathe and just talk. It's somewhere to enjoy without pressure. Many members seem friendly and with the right heart. I am open to my match.

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